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Painting Instructions (Tips & Tricks)

Step 1: Prep

  • Start by removing the laces out from the shoes.
  • Divide your shoe into manageable sections (panels)
  • Use your acetone wipes or cotton balls dipped in acetone to remove the overlying factory sealent on your shoes.
  • Change your cotton ball after every couple sections (2-3 panels)
  • If you begin to see the underlying paint come off on your wipes or cottons balls, this means the surface of your shoe should be tacky instead of shiny, and slippery in texture.
  • Once you’ve removed the factory sealent, you can proceed to mask off the parts of the shoe you don’t desire to paint and only keep your designated design areas exposed.

Step 2: Paint

  • Pick a brush that is a suitable size for the area you plan on painting.
  • Using the tip of your brush, pick up a small amount of paint from your paint cup and use light coats of paint on your applications.
  • Use light coats, and heat set your paint in-between coats with the heat gun for 10-15 seconds.
  • Don’t get too worried if some colours become blotchy. Stick with the light coats and it will even out. Use long brush strokes as it will help with the final look.
  • Make sure to clean your brush often with water, and dry with paper towel to prevent dust and reminants to stick to your paint job.

Tips: We do not recommend painting synthetic materials like plastics and rubbers because the paint will chip off easily and crack. (i.e. the midsole. outsoles, lace locks, etc.)

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Step 3: Finish

  • When using the acrylic sealer, make sure not to brush on too much sealer. Brush light coats onto the sections you want to protect.
  • Lightly heat set in-between coats.
  • Your shoes and artwork will now be well protected with 1 coat of sealant, but feel free to do 2 coats for additional protection.

Stencil Designs

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